Replacing Old Fan Coils in Edina, MN

Our first replacement in Minnesota is in the City of Edina.


As president of the condo association, Terry, contacted Unilux Suite Solutions through our website thinking that our retrofit fan coil was the right solution for their building’s needs. Our sales team visited the building and confirmed their 40-year old fan coils were at the end of their life and should be replaced. The existing fan coils were noisy, inefficient, dirty and breaking down. Even worse – they were experiencing leaks.

Their 40-year old HVAC systems were not very effective at heating or cooling and resulted in poor indoor air quality – and we had the perfect solution to replace them.

Engineering the Replacement Fan Coil

Years ago, there were about a dozen fan coil manufacturers and most are now out of business. So, there are lots of fan coil styles that exist in buildings today. The fan coils in Terry’s condo were unique and did not have an access panel to service this equipment. Also, the size of the cabinets were inconsistent with each unit.

Unilux RFC developed a fan coil specifically made to replace their failing units and others like them.

Fan Coil Replacement - New Unit 2
Universe Thermostat 400px

The Unilux RFC Replacement Solution

Our replacement fan coil meets the demands of modern living. The new insulation, coil and ECM blower/motor assembly are all cleaner and more energy efficient than the old equipment. The replacement solution is designed to fit in the existing space and can be serviced through the new decorative access panel we install.

Our replacement fan coils also feature the new Universe Thermostat. This fully touchscreen digital thermostat is supported by our Universe App. The thermostat easily connects to Wi-Fi and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant products.

Restoring resident comfort is our number #1 priority.

Installing the New Fan Coil Units

Our installation technicians began work replacing the old fan coils. Before they could install the new ones, they had to remove the old equipment. They prepare the suite for work with drop cloths to protect the floor and set up a temporary barrier around the work area to prevent debris from contaminating the home. Then, we remove the grilles and the contents inside the cabinet, including coil, fan assembly, insulation and wiring.

Next, our technicians install new equipment in the empty cabinet. This starts with brand new insulation. Then, we install the fan assembly and coil. With the main components in the unit, we make all electrical and water connections. Next, we mount the accessories and connect the thermostat.

Finally, we perform tests to ensure the unit is performing at its best.

Fan Coil Replacement - Old Unit 3

I’m writing to provide a very positive review of the service that Unilux technicians provided to me on the installation of the Heat equipment on 70 W Huron Street.

I would definitely recommend this service to all my friends and family! Efficient, and great job they provided with all appropriate isolation equipment in these pandemic days.

– Vitor (Resident)

Preparing for retrofit fan coil removal

Managing the COVID-19 Pandemic

The global pandemic forced all businesses to rethink how they operate. For us, it meant working closely with the board of directors, property management and residents to ensure we were all safe while we worked.

Our team always wears appropriate PPE, including masks and gloves, in addition to the protective gear that keeps them safe from other hazards while working. We follow all government guidelines and went above and beyond by having our technicians tested for COVID-19 before visiting the jobsite.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Our top concern is customer satisfaction. We always test the unit with the resident in the suite and make sure they are comfortable with the operation.

We want all residents to enjoy their new HVAC systems. Our team is very clean and professional when entering suites and working with residents. We are always happy to answer any questions residents have.

The residents at Terry’s building were so satisfied, they recommended us to their neighbors. This is the best compliment we could ever receive. Now, we are replacing many more fan coils in their building.

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