Improve Your Indoor Quality


Excellent indoor air quality is critical to a comfortable high-rise living environment. Developers, property managers, engineers and residents are doing everything they can to improve indoor air quality in high-rise suites. So, what
can you do?

Filthy Fan Coil

Replace Old Vertical Fan Coils

Many high-rise residences rely on vertical fan coils to heat, cool and ventilate the air in suites. Vertical fan coils act as the lungs for many high-rise homes and they often run 24/7.

After 15-20 years of constant use, fan coils can start to negatively impact indoor air quality. Steady dirt, dust and dander buildup get caught in the coil and fibreglass insulation. From there, it can be spread throughout ductwork to the suite. In some instances, microbial growth can even start to develop
on insulation.

New Fan Coil Installed

Install New, Clean Retrofit Fan Coils

Replacing fan coils is the best way to remedy indoor air quality issues caused by fan coils that are beyond their useful life. Fan coil replacement involves removing the old equipment in the cabinet, including the coil, fan and insulation – the 3 main culprits. Then, qualified technicians replace the contents with brand new equipment.

New closed-cell insulation gives a fresh, clean start to the fan coil. Closed-cell insulation prevents microbial growth over time. The non-porous insulation prevents any microbes from building a home in fan coils.

A new coil also eliminates the existing buildup. The new Unilux Suite Solutions coil design allows the coil to be removed and cleaned on both sides – an industry first.


Years of Home Comfort

Completely replacing fan coils is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to improve indoor air quality in high-rise suites that are 15 or more years old.

Learn more about replacing your fan coil today. Find out more.


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