Custom HVAC Replacement Solutions


There are many different styles of HVAC systems used in high-rise residential units. Over the decades, engineers have tried new systems, designed one-off systems or have used the industry-standard fan coil or heat pump solution.

We’re able to easily address standard fan coil systems with our retrofit solution. Our industry expertise also helps us develop solutions for replacing unique heating, cooling and ventilation systems.


HVAC Expertise

Our team brings decades of HVAC experience into any situation. We have a team dedicated to improving each part of the HVAC system and ensuring it all comes together to deliver the best heating, cooling and ventilation system available to you.

Over time, we’ve come across many unique HVAC systems, including everything from vertical and horizontal fan coils to heat pumps and under window cabinets.

Understanding Your HVAC System

Our team will work with you to completely understand your current HVAC system – no matter how unique it is, or if others have told you it can’t be solved. We’ll take a look at it and assess what can be done.

We take a pragmatic approach to understand your current system and your needs. After all, needs vary depending on the type of high-rise. We take many items into account when trying to determine the best solution for you, including your residents, the construction impact (if any), cost and more.

We are here to make sure you and your residences have an excellent home-comfort experience provided by your HVAC system.

Developing A New HVAC System

Our team of engineers review all of the information gathered during the discovery phase to design a new HVAC system for you. We analyze your building structure, your resident experience and your budget to develop a cost-effective solution that will meet and exceed your heating and cooling needs.

We develop and test the unit in our new 45,000 square foot facility. Once we are ready to present a proposal, we’ll discuss the new design with all of your key stakeholders.

Please contact us to discuss your unique high-rise HVAC system today.


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