Condominium And
Apartment HVAC Replacement


Retrofit all makes and models of fan coil or heat pump units in a high-rise residence.

New Life: Fan Coil & Heat Pump Unit Replacement

Breathe new life into your living space with a retrofit fan coil or heat pump. A unit replacement can:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Make maintenance easier
  • Are much quieter

Unilux Suite Solutions Meeting

Building Partnerships

Unilux Suite Solutions will work with property managers, building engineers, residents, architects and local utilities to make all parties aware of the benefits of replacement and to provide the best customer experience.

Residents and building managers can take advantage of huge energy savings. Our units include high-efficiency ECM motors that may qualify for rebates. However, the rebate will not come close to the amount of money you will save every year.

Most installations can take place in a few hours without damage to your walls, floors or ceiling. Our technicians remove the old equipment, clean and sanitize the cabinet and install the new unit.

Floor by Floor Satisfaction

Our unique retrofit fan coil or heat pump unit design makes replacing your HVAC system quick and easy with little disruption. Our non-invasive process ensures resident satisfaction throughout the installation process.

Installation happens in a few hours with no damage to your existing drywall and/or suite. Technicians strip out all of the old equipment, clean the cabinet and install the brand-new unit in the condo.

To replace multiple units, you can choose to tackle the project at one time or over the course of the year. Choose the installation plan that suits you and your residents. Whether you do it floor-by-floor or riser-by-riser we know you’ll be happy with your replacement unit.

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