Read about some of our client work here. Unilux Suite Solutions is committed to providing cost-effective retrofit fan coil solutions for high-rise buildings.

Replacing Old Fan Coils in Edina, MN

Our first replacement in Minnesota is in the City of Edina.

As president of the condo association, Terry, contacted Unilux Suite Solutions through our website thinking that our retrofit fan coil was the right solution for their building’s needs. Our sales team visited the building and confirmed their 40-year old fan coils were at the end of their life and should be replaced. The existing fan coils were noisy, inefficient, dirty and breaking down. Even worse – they were experiencing leaks.

Their 40-year old HVAC system was not very comfortable – and we had the perfect solution to replace them.

Up To 84% More Efficient: ECM vs. PSC Motors

Motors drive the fan, which provides all of the ventilation in a residential suite. Due to the regular use of the fan, it contributes a lot to fan coil energy consumption. Updating motors can drastically improve fan coil energy efficiency.

Constructing a Retrofit Fan Coil Solution

Our retrofit fan coil solutions are designed and manufactured using the same high-quality materials and expertise as our original construction solutions. We apply the same quality standards and testing to ensure a long-lasting unit that will provide home comfort for many years.